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Gravestone with a Woman and Her Attendant / Greek

Gravestone with a Woman and Her Attendant, Greek, about 100 B.C. Marble. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 72.AA.159

We’re excited to join hundreds of art, history, and science museums internationally to participate in Ask-a-Curator Day, an online Q&A in which our friendly art experts—curators and conservators at the Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute—will answer pretty much anything you’d like to know about the collection, exhibitions, or what happens behind the scenes at the Getty.

What are the most popular paintings in the Museum, and why? How long does it take a conservator to piece together a 2,000-year-old broken vase? How do curators come up with ideas for exhibitions? How do you turn the page of a medieval manuscript without tearing the parchment?  We’d love to hear any burning questions you might have!

At the Getty this year is Ask-All-Curators Day—so whether you’re curious about rare books, ancient coins, contemporary photography, or Renaissance drawings, we’ll take your question to the curator or conservator who knows the subject best.

How do you take part? It’s easy! You have four choices:

1) TWITTER: Ask us a question on Twitter. Be sure to include @gettymuseum and #askacurator in your tweet. You need a Twitter account to do this, but it’s simple to set one up. See what other people are asking and answering by following the #askacurator queries and the museums’ answers.

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We’re collecting questions from now through late Wednesday. We’ll post on Twitter and Facebook, with more detailed answers to questions here on The Iris throughout the day on Wednesday. See you then!