I have an awesome job where I get to spend my days promoting art and culture at a place that I really like. I also live in the perfect neighborhood for me. Those two things aren’t necessarily geographically compatible, but that’s okay—I stock up on podcasts and happily educate and entertain myself during my 23ish-mile commute along L.A.’s freeways.

But this week I tried something different. I took Metro from my home in northeast Los Angeles to the Getty, trying out the recently extended Expo Line. And honestly, it was pretty great.

Metro to the Getty 2

Here’s what I did:

I started at the Lincoln Heights Gold Line Station, my closest metro train stop. I rode a couple of stops to our beautiful Union Station, where I changed to the Red Line toward the 7th and Metro station. From there I hopped on the Expo Line, found a seat facing forward, and settled in for some solid emailing, podcast listening, and relaxing.

When I reached the Expo Line Sepulveda station, I went downstairs to catch the Metro Rapid 734 bus at the stop on Exposition Boulevard between Sepulveda and Sawtelle. The 734 took me through Westwood, and after about 35 minutes I passed the business entrance of the Getty Center (don’t get off here) and finally arrived at the main gate.

Metro to the Getty 3

I then walked in and completed my journey with a peaceful ride up the hill on the Getty tram.

In total, it took me about two hours. I managed to listen to an entire podcast episode of Freakonomics, one Coffee Break Spanish, and one Stuff You Missed in History Class. I also caught up on my emails and without all the traffic tension; I arrived at work fairly stress-free.

So, if you’re ready to go green or ditch the car and let someone else do the driving, definitely explore the new Metro options that provide access to the Getty.

Tips for Taking the Expo Line Extension to the Getty

To get to the Getty Center, take the Metro Rapid 734 bus during the week or the Metro 234 on the weekends from the Expo Line Sepulveda station. The bus picks up on the north side of Exposition Boulevard, just west of Sepulveda.

To get to the Getty Villa, hop on the Metro Express 534 from the Expo Line Downtown Santa Monica station. The bus picks up at the corner of Colorado and 5th Street.

Metro to the Getty 4

Important! If you take the bus to the Getty Villa, you still need a free, timed ticket, available online here. Bring your physical ticket, or a printout of the ticket from your email, and ask the bus driver to hole-punch it when you get on the bus. (No tickets or reservations are required for the Getty Center.)

Taking public transportation to the Getty Center or Villa means your entire visit is free—no parking fee, no parking garage, just the art and views and you.

Get complete route information from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO): 323-GO-METRO (323-466-3876), or use the METRO Trip Planner.