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A participant in 2014 MOSAIKON training workshop organized by the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) and supported by the Getty Foundation conserves a second-century Roman mosaic

Conserving Mosaics in the Middle East and North Africa, A MOSAIKON Trainer’s Account

A conversation with mosaics expert Roberto Nardi about conservation training. More»


How to Frame a Masterpiece

How a frame conservator plays matchmaker between frames and paintings. More»

Brilliant History of Color quiz

How Much Do You Know about Color?

Take this quiz to learn how much you *really* know about the rainbow. More»

Lewis Baltz, Paris, 1992

Remembering Lewis Baltz

The influential photographer, writer, and teacher has passed. More»

Poster for the film The Joke, 1968

Two Darkly Humorous Czech Films about the Craziness of Politics

“What’s so bracing about Czech New Wave films is how honest and artful they are.” More»

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    Strike a #MusePose!

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        You might think of Monet or Van Gogh when you hear “brushstroke.” But here the artist is inspired by the expressive and quick gestures of Fragonard.

        Squiggly white and yellow strokes give dimension to the sitter’s gown.

        #ArtAtoZ | A year-long social media project examining 26 themes in art.


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