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#MusePose - Ideal Female Heads

Be a Fool for Art

More fun posing with art! More»


Explore Renaissance Italy from Your Laptop

New online exhibition features 100 beautiful Renaissance illuminations from northern Italy. More»

The Milkmaid / Vermeer

Vermeer Taught Me to Love Again

Vermeer changes a life. More»

Artist Karen Silton holding pieces of porcelain used to create a mosaic

Peacocks and Mosaics

An artist teams up with Getty visitors to create a mosaic for the community. More»

Make every game fun

How to Host a Game Like a Pro

How to play fun and fair. More»

    Featured Story

    Hoefnagel-Inspired illumination showing a fly and a fuchsia

    Botanical Art Inspired by Renaissance Illuminations

    Botanical illuminations inspired by a rare Renaissance book. More»