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Persians by Aeschylus

“Persians,” An Ancient Play Remade for the 21st Century

Director Anne Bogart on remaking the Western world’s oldest play for the 21st century. More»

Lady and her mirror image. Details of original and counterproof of Seated Woman with a Fan (details), early 18th century, Jean-Antoine Watteau. Image left: The J. Paul Getty Museum, 82.GB.164. Image right: Collection Ariane and Lionel Sauvage

Watteau’s Elegant Ladies, Reunited

Two sister Watteau drawings reunite in a new exhibition. More»

On Performativity / Walker Art Center

What Is a Page in the Digital Age?

A new crop of digital museum catalogues reinvents the page for the 21st century. More»

Chess Problem (detail) from Book of Chess Problems, late 14th century.  Tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment, 9 ¾ x 6 5/8 in. (24.8 x 16.8 cm). Ms. Ludwig XV 15, fol. 97

A Medievalist’s Viewing Guide to “Game of Thrones,” Season 4

What a season it was. Let’s watch it again, manuscripts in hand. More»

Galleries of Heaven and Earth at the Getty Villa

Designing Heaven And Earth

Behind the scenes with the design of an exhibition of Byzantine treasures. More»

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    Vicinity of Naples, New York / Minor White
    The Minor White Archive, Princeton University Art Museum, bequest of Minor White (MWA 55-48). © Trustees of Princeton University

    Transformed by Minor White

    “Two of Minor White’s images helped me to survive.” More»

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      • photo from Tumblr

        Art history, statistics, network science, and informatics converge in a new study in Science magazine that maps European cultural history through birth and death dates of notable figures, using data from the Getty Union List of Artist Names.

        BONUS! It’s one of the first art history papers ever published in a peer-reviewed science magazine.

        Birth to death migration in Europe, according to the Union List of Artist Names, cumulated over all time to CE 2012. Blue dots indicate more births of notable individuals; red dots indicate more deaths. © Maximilian Schich, 2014


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