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Detail of frame on Fruit Piece / Van Huysum

Louis Style in the Getty Galleries

13 gorgeous frames from the Golden Age of French frame-making. More»

Mrs. Tinkham (detail), 1862-1875, William H. Mumler. Albumen silver print. 3 3/4 x 2 1/4 inches. The J. Paul Getty Museum. 84.XD.760.1.7

The Man Who Photographed Ghosts

Meet the world’s first spirit photographer, William H. Mumler. More»

Description of the Land of Cockaigne, Where Whoever Works the Least Earns the Most / Remondini

17th-Century Print Offers a Field Guide to Laziness and Gluttony

“Here you only worry about being happy!” More»


“A Great Passion for Old Stones and Walls”

Snapshots of Greece’s ancient monuments from an era before photography. More»

Portrait of John, Lord Mountstuart / Jean-Etienne Liotard

Pastels, Portraits, and Paramours

A new installation celebrates an 18th-century pastel master. More»

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    #GettyInspired pomegranates / Sarah Ferone

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      • photo from Tumblr

        #ThyCaptionBe: Minty Fresh Inspiration

        You captioned this detail. And we’re revealing the full story now.

        Spit-take baptism or the fresh to death Patron Saint of Minty Fresh Breath? It’s really a depiction of Saint John receiving direct inspiration from God.

        Here’s the full story:

        The Bible recounts many examples of direct inspiration from God, but it doesn’t ever explicitly mention a blinding blue light shooting directly from heaven to the mouth of Saint John, as is depicted here. Nor does Saint John ever mention the uncomfortable sensation of being surrounded by a purple amoeba. 

        In this image that begins the Gospel of John in a Gospel book, the use of bright colors and strong shapes creates a sense of surrealism

        The illumination’s dynamic energy, however, is typical of artists working in the seventeenth century in the Armenian enclave of New Julfa in Isfahan.

        #ThyCaptionBe is a celebration of modern interpretations of medieval aesthetics. You guess what the heck is going on, then we myth-bust.


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