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Elephant blesses priest in Jambukeswarar Temple. Thiruvanaikaval, Tamuil Nadu, India.  © Annette Bonnier

Are India’s Elephants Blessed Creatures or Indentured Servants?

Photographer Annette Bonnier captures the world surrounding the lives of Asian elephants in Indian society. More»

Weavers conserve a tapestry at the Gobelins Manufactory
Photo courtesy of the Gobelins Manufactory

Cleaning 700 Square Feet of Precious Tapestry

Tapestries once owned by Louis XIV receive a high-tech cleaning. More»

James Cuno in his office at the Getty

A Look Back at the Getty in 2015—And a Peek at 2016

The Getty president looks back at 2015, and ahead to 2016. More»

Dot scarf from the Getty Store

Getty-Inspired Holiday Gifts For All Your Favorite People

Offbeat and affordable art-inspired holiday gifts. More»

Star Wars and Medieval Manuscripts

A Star Wars-inspired tour of celestial images in our manuscripts collection. More»

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        A Vibrant Terracotta

        Made between 575 and 550 B.C., this beautiful attic black-figure amphora (a storage vessel) was attributed to the Pointed Nose Painter. Here’s a closeup of the pointy noses on this vessel. 

        Kinda cute.


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