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Teaching Channel videos behind the scenes

19 New Videos Show How to Engage Students with Art

How to teach with art, for teachers and parents. More»

Young Pioneer with the Three Gorges, 2008
Copyright Chen Man. Courtesy of L.A. Louver

Glamour in Old Beijing

“All reality is a phantom, all phantoms are real.” More»


Online Museum Collection Catalogues, Mantra and Metaphor

What do you want to be, a grocery store or a restaurant? More»

Photo: Adela Loconte

Experimental Music Built on Provocative Films

Body/Head combines improvised music with films that explore deep sexual and psychological themes. More»


Where Is Yucatan? Julius Shulman at Chichen Itza

Julius Shulman photographs the Yucatan, mecca for the midcentury consumer. More»

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    #MusePose, February Edition

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        Botticelli’s Mystical Nativity was hidden for many centuries. Once found, it earned its name from both the unusual Nativity symbolism and Greek inscription at the top.

        Boticelli believed he was living through the Tribulation, which is clear in the mysterious inscription:

        This picture, at the end of the year 1500, in the troubles of Italy, I Alessandro, in the half-time after the time, painted, according to the eleventh chapter of Saint John, in the second woe of the Apocalypse, during the release of the devil for three-and-a-half years; then he shall be bound in the twelfth chapter and we shall see [him buried] as in this picture.

        It is the only surviving work with his signature.


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