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Depicting the Sacred through Fabric

Studies of Christ’s Loincloth / Master of the Coburg Roundels
Studies of Christ’s Loincloth, about 1490, Master of the Coburg Roundels. Pen and brown and black ink with brown and gray wash, 11 x 8 1/8 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 93.GA.10

What is this unusual drawing all about? More»

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Walk, Look, and Learn

A Lady Walking in a Garden with a Child / Gainsborough
A Lady Walking in a Garden with a Child, about 1785, Thomas Gainsborough. Black chalk with stumping and heightened with white pastel, 20 x 8 11/16 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 96.GB.13

A drawing unfolds a story about 18th-century fashion and manners. More»

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The Language of Drapery

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife (detail), Guido Reni, about 1630

Drapery—artfully folded fabric—has been used by European artists for centuries, from ancient Greek sculpture to contemporary photography. As I prepare for the studio course I’m leading this Wednesday on sketching drapery after the Old Masters, I’ve been thinking about why…. More»

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      Wanna manna?

      God rained down manna (bread from heaven) on Moses and the hungry Israelites on their journey out of Egypt. 

      Described as white “like coriander seed” and tasting “like wafers made with honey,” manna was both physical and spiritual nourishment and a sign that God was watching over the Jews.

      In this image, the Israelites around Moses bend down to hurriedly collect manna, which the Bible says melted in the sunlight.


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