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Rethinking Orientalism, Again

Les Femmes du Maroc: Revisited #1, Lalla Essaydi, 2009, chromogenic print. Image courtesy the artist

It’s been 27 years since art historian Linda Nochlin published her essay “The Imaginary Orient,” a critique of sexist and racist depictions of “brown and black folk” by Western artists such as Jean-Léon Gérôme. Back then, “I was put off… More»

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    • A List of Shameful Conditions & Operations

      To live alone.
      To arrive at a social gathering alone. (Desired by no one?)
      To go outside in clothing not suited to the weather.
      To say something that can be traced to someone else.
      To have nowhere to go Saturday night.
      To have no interest in Jacques Lacan.
      To have no friend with a summer cottage.
      To have no family.
      To be dirty, to smell.
      To have no interest in people.
      To be gossiped about.
      To be sexually betrayed.
      To be ignorant of current popular music.
      To be disloyal to a friend.
      To gossip.
      To grow fat.
      To become middle-aged.
      To lose one’s beauty.
      To be enraged.
      To be deserted by a husband or lover.
      To be inordinately ambitious.
      To have more money than your friends.
      To have less money than your friends.
      To be different from your neighbors.
      To not understand what is said to you. 
      To not recognize someone.
      To forget a name.
      To lose one’s powers.
      To go down in the world.
      To be bored with one’s friends.
      To be thought of as superior to what one knows oneself to be.
      To discover what one thought was common knowledge about oneself is not.
      To discover that closely guarded information about oneself is common knowledge.
      To have less knowledge than one’s students.

      Yvonne Rainer


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