New Acquisitions: Early Latin American History Library of James Lockhart

The working library of the late UCLA Professor Emeritus of early Latin American history James Lockhart, generously donated by his widow, is now available for use in the Research Library. Covering the history of Latin America from the 15th to the 18th century, the collection of over 900 volumes includes complete series and facsimiles of rare books and codices.

A selection of books from the James Lockhart Collection

The collection has particular strengths in Peru and Mexico. The published works on Peruvian history enhance the library’s holdings in the area of Latin America, and include several works relevant to studies of the Getty Murúa manuscript. Many volumes are related to the study of Nahuatl, the most widely spoken indigenous language of Central Mexico at the time of the Aztec empire and one that is still spoken today, of which Lockhart was among the world’s foremost experts. In general, the many works on Mexico and Nahuatl are relevant for contextualizing the existing areas of Mexican art, art history, archaeology, and anthropology in the library’s collection. A number of these volumes contain the added bonus of rich annotations by Lockhart that relate directly to his expertise.

Lockhart’s annotations. William H. Prescott, History of the conquest of Mexico; and History of the conquest of Peru (New York: Modern Library, 1939)

The full list of titles in the James Lockhart Collection is available in Primo Search.

-Kathleen Salomon, Associate Director and Chief Librarian

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