Edouard Manet’s beautiful painting Spring (Jeanne Demarsy) arrived at the Getty on November 18 and joined the galleries less than a week later—a rapid timeline even for this perfectly poised Parisian actress.

Jeanne’s first week in Los Angeles was a busy one. After resting overnight to acclimate to the local air, the new arrival was thoroughly examined by Museum curators and conservators, who checked its condition and studied it closely. The painting was unframed for hi-res photography; a wall label was written and printed; a new audio stop was recorded. Our frame conservator even evaluated whether she should receive a new frame better suited to her personality—the answer is yes, but after the holidays.

As curator Anne Woollett, acting head of the Museum’s Department of Paintings, put it, “acquisitions take a village.” This short video is a glimpse into that village.

Video by Christopher Sprinkle