There has been a disturbing rise in hate crimes and harassment against Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders during the COVID-19 crisis, in Los Angeles, around the nation, and around the world. The murder of six women of Asian ancestry in Atlanta has tragically focused attention on these issues. People of Asian ancestry are increasingly being targeted and blamed for the pandemic. This rise in xenophobia is only the most recent manifestation of a long history of anti-Asian and anti-immigrant sentiment within the United States and elsewhere.

Getty firmly rejects hate-related violence and hate speech, racism, and prejudice. We stand with our Asian and Asian American community members, as well as Asian communities around the world that are also targets for unacceptable hate and racism. Hateful speech and racist acts against any group have no place in our society. It must stop.

Getty’s ongoing training on diversity, equity, and inclusion will also include future listening sessions for staff related to anti-Asian issues. Free resources for mental health support for staff can be found through Getty’s Employee Assistance Program. More information, including ways to contact Health Advocate, is available online.

Together we must stand against hate and promote a civil society for everyone.