We heard your feedback on our social media posts yesterday. Thank you. We learned that we can do much better expressing our Getty values, and we apologize.

We are outraged at the horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, and at the violent deaths of far too many more Black Americans. We share the anger and anguish of everyone in Los Angeles and the nation over yet another life senselessly taken. The Getty community is grieving; our hearts are broken.

That African Americans and other communities of color continue to experience systemic violence and oppression in our country is unacceptable and must change. Racism has persisted in our cities and communities for far too long. It has to stop.

At the core of Getty’s mission, we are dedicated to building a vital, civil society. That means upholding human rights for everyone, particularly for Black Americans in our country. But any statement, no matter how well intentioned, is merely words. The hard part is taking personal responsibility for our own actions. At Getty, we have much more work to do.