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Frederick Eversley

Frederick Eversley

Frederick Eversley in his studio, 1971. Photo by Frank J. Thomas. Courtesy of the artist and the Frank J. Thomas Archives

Frederick Eversley was born in Brooklyn in 1941. He originally worked in the engineering and aerospace industry before joining the artist community in Venice, California, in 1964. While sharing a studio with Charles Mattox, Eversley developed a technique of centrifugal casting of multi-color, multi-layer, concentric ring sculptures made of plastics. The highly translucent, reflective surfaces of these sculptures produced an optical experience at once elegant and mystical. Eversley continued using basic geometric forms to experiment with light refraction, and in the 1970s incorporated parabolic curves into his work that evoke mirrors or large lenses.

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Works of Art

  • Untitled

    Untitled, 1970, Frederick Eversley. Three-color, three-layer cast polyester. 20 x 20 x 6 in. Collection of the artist. © Frederick Eversley

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  • Frederick Eversley polishing one of his sculptures

    Frederick Eversley polishing one of his sculptures, 1970. Image courtesy of and © Frederick Eversley

  • Announcement, Frederick Eversley exhibition

    Announcement for Frederick Eversley exhibition Colored Parabolic Space at the Quay Gallery in San Francisco, 1971. © Frederick Eversley. The Getty Research Institute, Gift of George Herms, 2009.M.20