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Delve into the postwar Los Angeles art world in this online archive, which provides additional material related to the exhibitions on view at the Getty Center. Learn about hipsters and happenings, and the venues across the city where all the action took place through images from the archives and first-hand accounts with the artists.

Untitled (White Light Grid Series-V)

Untitled (White Light Grid Series-V)

Untitled (White Light Grid Series-V), 1969, Mary Corse. Glass microspheres in acrylic on canvas. 108 x 108 in. Andrea Nasher Collection. Permission courtesy Ace Gallery and the artist

This untitled painting belongs to the series White Light, which Corse created by incorporating tiny spherical particles of glass, similar to those found in highway surfaces, into the white paint. As light is refracted, the painting appears to be softly glowing. The refracted light shifts as the viewer moves, and the interest in the mutable qualities of perception aligns Corse with the immersive installation works of Light and Space art.

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Exhibition audio: Mary Corse and curator Rani Singh discuss this work.

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  • Mary Corse in her studio

    Mary Corse working in downtown Los Angeles in 1966. Courtesy of and © Mary Corse

  • Mary Corse, 1966

    Mary Corse working in downtown Los Angeles in 1966. Image courtesy of and © Mary Corse