Inspired by the Getty, created by you.

#GettyInspired is a portfolio of creativity inspired by the Getty and made by you. On this site you’ll find photography, painting, drawing, poetry, comedy, and other creative work that speaks directly to the art, architecture, gardens, views, people, and other parts of the Getty. Also included is a library of video profiles of creative people who find inspiration for their craft at the Getty.

The Instagram Gallery features inspiring snaps of cool features at the Getty Center and the Getty Villa—from artworks that speak to your heart to that one super-awesome security officer who made your day.

How to Participate

Direct uploads to this site closed on October 17, 2016. However, we’d still love to hear from you! Tag a Getty-inspired photo on Instagram with #GettyInspired; images will appear in the Instagram Gallery.

Why #GettyInspired?

Art inspires in surprising ways. A sculpture might inspire a tattoo artist to create his next design, an astronomer to look more deeply at the night sky, or a comic to write her next punch line. And sometimes an encounter with a special place, object, or person can create a feeling that waits, patiently, to make itself known in the way we live our everyday lives. We hope this project will reveal these many kinds of inspiration and help capture what inspiration means and how it can be found.

Thanks to all the wonderful creative people who have participated in this project so far, and to you for visiting!