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Tentative color reconstruction of the hidden portrait under An Old Man in Military Costume

A Hidden Rembrandt Has Been Digitally Reconstructed in Color

A hidden Rembrandt is revealed. More»

Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) Graduate Student Erika Witt holds her favorite mask in the university’s African Art Collection in preparation for a 2015 exhibition on campus as part of her graduate degree in Museum Studies. Photo: Master of Arts in Museums Studies Program, Center for African and African American Studies, SUNO

A Look Back at the Fund for New Orleans, 10 Years after Hurricane Katrina

How are cultural organizations faring, 10 years after the Katrina disaster? More»

Three posters from the Harald Szeemann archive

Bringing Order to Harald Szeemann’s Unfiled Posters

How do you organize and catalog 1,200 posters? More»

Representation of the Place Where the Body of Louis XIV, King of France, Was Laid Out in the Church of Saint-Denis
Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Estampes et de la Photographie, Qb-1 (1715). Photo credit: BnF

Laying Louis XIV to Rest

Why are there so few images of Louis XIV’s death? More»

enriched bread / Corita Kent

An Artist Who Sees Holiness in Wonder Bread

“Her work was about joy and, she said, giving people an idea of what harmony might look like.” More»

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    Interior and sculpture of a bodhisattva in Cave 275 / Cave Temples of Dunhuang
    © The Dunhuang Academy

    14 Fascinating Facts about the Cave Temples of Dunhuang

    A look at one of the cultural and artistic wonders of the world. More»

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        First look at a hidden Rembrandt.

        We’ve known about the young man lurking underneath Rembrandt’s An Old Man in Military Costume since the painting was first X-rayed in 1968. Now science has finally caught up to (some of) our questions, allowing a tentative color reconstruction of the hidden painting.


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