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Linked Open Data / Ellora Caves in India

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Released as Linked Open Data

Vast database of geographic places is now available for free download. More»


Fashion Off the 405, Weekender Edition

In focus: visitors’ weekend style. More»

Joy Mazurek of the Getty Conservation Institute with a GC/MS instrument

Conservation Tools: The GC/MS Instrument

This scientific tool helps conservators understand artwork from the tiniest of samples. More»


Everything You Wanted to Know about Medieval Arms and Armor

Come see how arms and armor are made in free demos at the Getty Center. More»

Ellen Lauren as Persian Queen Atossa against a backdrop of golden drapery

A Guide to Aeschylus’s “Persians”

A theater-goer’s guide to the western world’s oldest play. More»

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    SITI Company rehearses Persians

    Aeschylus’s Persian Queen: An Actor’s Craft

    Bringing alive an ancient queen. More»

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        September, the month to harvest grapes, isn’t just for the modern Virgo.

        Libras and Scorpios are in on the labors of plowing and sowing fun for the month. Since the Middle Ages the zodiac symbols have shifted with changes in the months of the calendar. 

        Zodiacal Sign of Virgo, about 1170s, Unknown. German, Hildesheim. J. Paul Getty Museum.
        Woman Harvesting Grapes; Zodiacal Sign of a Libra
        A Man Treading Grapes; Zodiacal Sign of Libra, early 1460s, Workshop of Willem Vrelant. J. Paul Getty Museum.
        Plowing and Sowing; Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio, 1510-1520, Workshop of Master of James IV of Scotland. J. Paul Getty Museum.


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