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Caption: Elana Mann, Villa Murmurs study, 2014: Photo: Jean-Paul Leonard, courtesy of the artist

Searching for Murmurs of History

What does history sound like? More»

Pectoral Cross / Greek
Photo © Benaki Museum, Athens

Curators’ Choice: Byzantine Treasures

Four treasures not to miss when you visit the Byzantine art exhibition at the Getty Villa. More»

Los Angeles Summer of Learning

“L.A. Summer of Learning” Turns the City into an Open-Air Classroom

Make your own summer camp with this new citywide program. More»


Theater for the Wonderfully Grotesque: A Playlist for James Ensor

Dark and obscure songs that mirror the grotesque sensibilities of James Ensor. More»

Floating Curvilinear Arc / Geyer and McMillin
Photo © Don Milici, courtesy Pasadena Museum of California Art

Sculpting Gravity

Making visible the earth’s elegance, through art. More»

    Featured Story

    Vicinity of Naples, New York / Minor White
    The Minor White Archive, Princeton University Art Museum, bequest of Minor White (MWA 55-48). © Trustees of Princeton University

    Transformed by Minor White

    “Two of Minor White’s images helped me to survive.” More»

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        What unexpected thing have you learned by working at a museum?

        "The more time you take with the art, the better. 

        The first time I saw a work by James Turrell, my eyes totally deceived me. I walked into the room (Acton, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art) and saw a gray rectangle “painting”, but I was baffled and could not figure it out- I got closer and closer until my face was pressed against the wall next to it, trying to figure out what it was. When my friend stuck her arm into the painting and revealed the illusion (a square cut into the wall and lit to look flat), my mind was blown! You got me so good, James.

        Also, always offer to take a family photo for the tourists!”

        What do you wish you could tell all people about yourself, museums or life? 

        Everyone is creative.” 

        Emily, Education Technologist at the Getty, July 24, 2014


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