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Art Experts Take to Twitter for Ask a Curator Day on Wednesday, September 17

Five Getty curators are on tap for a live Twitter Q&A this Wednesday. More»


Never-Ending Summer in the Central Garden

Long live summer. More»

Google Summer of Code Intern Palash Oswal (left) at an week-long Arches community workshop held in the UK this summer.

Google Summer of Code Pairs Up with Arches Project

Two Google-sponsored interns combine their interests in cultural heritage and tech development to work on this open-source software system More»

Old Couple / John Currin
Artwork © John Currin. Photo: Robert McKeever

Long Looks from Island to Island

Two paintings of lovers, decades and centuries apart. More»

Combat with Swords (detail), from Fiore dei Liberi, Fior di Battaglia, possibly Venice or Padua, ca. 1410. Tempera colors, gold leaf, and ink on parchment, 11 x 8 1/8 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig XV 13, fol. 20v

A Quest to Uncover History Through Handwriting

The study of old handwriting combines detective work, scholarship, and a little bit of magic. More»

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    SITI Company rehearses Persians

    Aeschylus’s Persian Queen: An Actor’s Craft

    Bringing alive an ancient queen. More»

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        A courtly strut along a winding path. 

        The decorated border reveals perhaps a C, an X, and a Y. It’s difficult to make out, but these initials likely hold the key to the manuscript’s unknown patron.

        #NowOnView in the new rotation of Chivalry in the Middle Ages

        Young Men and Women Outdoors, about 1460 - 1470, French. J. Paul Getty Museum.


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