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Floating Curvilinear Arc / Geyer and McMillin
Photo © Don Milici, courtesy Pasadena Museum of California Art

Sculpting Gravity

Making visible the earth’s elegance, through art. More»

Fuzzy Grids II / Predock_Frane, architects

Be a Part of “Fuzzy Grids II”

Be a part of an oversize living artwork at the Getty Center. More»


A Taste of Byzantium

Coming July 19: A four-course dinner inspired by the cuisine of the Byzantine Empire. More»

Engagement Ring with a Greek Inscription / Byzantine
Image courtesy of the National Archaeological Museum, Athens

Put a Ring On It

One ring and the two women who treasured it. More»


New Digital Publication Zooms in on Claude Monet

New digital catalogue from the Art Institute of Chicago lets you get up close and personal with Monet’s brushstrokes. More»

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    Vicinity of Naples, New York / Minor White
    The Minor White Archive, Princeton University Art Museum, bequest of Minor White (MWA 55-48). © Trustees of Princeton University

    Transformed by Minor White

    “Two of Minor White’s images helped me to survive.” More»

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