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August 9, 1974 (Washington, D.C.)

Planning for Utopia

Photographs and Memories Reveal the Darker Side of a Symbol of Postwar Suburban Order. More»

Caption: Elana Mann, Villa Murmurs study, 2014: Photo: Jean-Paul Leonard, courtesy of the artist

Searching for Murmurs of History

What does history sound like? More»

Pectoral Cross / Greek
Photo © Benaki Museum, Athens

Curators’ Choice: Byzantine Treasures

Four treasures not to miss when you visit the Byzantine art exhibition at the Getty Villa. More»

Los Angeles Summer of Learning

“L.A. Summer of Learning” Turns the City into an Open-Air Classroom

Make your own summer camp with this new citywide program. More»


Theater for the Wonderfully Grotesque: A Playlist for James Ensor

Dark and obscure songs that mirror the grotesque sensibilities of James Ensor. More»

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    Vicinity of Naples, New York / Minor White
    The Minor White Archive, Princeton University Art Museum, bequest of Minor White (MWA 55-48). © Trustees of Princeton University

    Transformed by Minor White

    “Two of Minor White’s images helped me to survive.” More»

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        Grab a glass (and some for your friends), it’s International Beer Day

        "Welcome to my houseput me to your lips and drink me drydon’t take contentment away.” Inscription on Filigrana Beaker

        Ewer, Chinese porcelain 1662 - 1722, French mounts 1700 - 1710. J. Paul Getty Museum.
        Goblet with the Arms of Liechtenberg, 1500 - 1530, Probably Bohemian. J. Paul Getty Museum.
        Ice-glass Beaker, late 1500s or early 1600s, Dutch. J. Paul Getty Museum.
        Covered Filigrana Beaker (Stangenglas),1550-1600, mount about 1710-1712. J. Paul Getty Museum.


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