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Hollywood Cougar, 2013, Steve Winter

Photos of L.A. Beneath the Noir

Pictures of L.A., beyond the stereotypes. More»

Getty Center Move! Tour

10 Tips for Making the Most of Tours at the Getty

I went on a day of back-to-back museum tours, and here’s what I learned. More»

Global inspiration from the Getty permanent collection.

Global Pathways through Medieval Manuscripts and the Modern Museum

Contextualizing early book arts in world history. More»

Dentist / Jan van der Bruggen
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Royal Cavities: The Bitter Implications of Sugar Consumption in Early Modern Europe

The sweet tooth of European royalty and its rotten consequences. More»

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        Gauguin’s Monotypes

        Gauguin is known for his paintings, but also was a skilled maker of the traced monotype. The pencil drawing shows the marks and gestures that Gauguin used to produce the monotype which evokes the erotic dreamscapes that characterize so much of his later work.

        Does the head look familiar? Maybe you’ve seen this horned figure before?

        See more of Gauguin’s monotypes for free from the @philamuseum here, made available through the Getty Research Portal.

        This week’s pick from the Getty Research Portal, a one-stop shop for public domain art history books.


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