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Zrinka Stahuljak in the Manuscripts Study Room at the J. Paul Getty Museum

Medieval Manuscripts Alive: Middle French

A chivalrous soap opera, read aloud. More»

Detail of Fireworks on the Grand Canal / Jean Lepautre

Louis XIV as Royal Spectator

Louis XIV appears front-row center in two engravings celebrating his grand parties. More»

Playing ShapeScapes at Museum Game Zone

Play’s the Thing at Museum Game Zone

A new pilot program is all about games. More»

Getty Intern Kevin Cruz

Multicultural Undergraduate Intern Diary: Kevin Cruz

A summer with the special collections. More»

Under the Wave off Kanagawa / Hosukai
Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Why the Iconic “Great Wave” Swept the World

The world’s most iconic image of a tsunami isn’t actually a tsunami. More»

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    Interior and sculpture of a bodhisattva in Cave 275 / Cave Temples of Dunhuang
    © The Dunhuang Academy

    14 Fascinating Facts about the Cave Temples of Dunhuang

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      • photo from Tumblr

        #ThyCaptionBe: Warnings to the Rich & Powerful

        You captioned this detail. And we’re revealing the full story now.

        It would be awesome if this was Medieval hangman, or a really awkward frat party, but it’s actually the result of a one-letter swap gone wrong in a book about the fates of the rich. 

        Here’s the full story:

        You sometimes regret what pops out unexpectedly when you open your mouth, but in this case, even the fish must have been quite surprised when a wooly lamb burst forth. 

        The stories in this text by Giovanni Boccaccio warn of the terrible fate that often awaits the rich and powerful. He uses here the example of King Polycrates, who tossed a ring into a river, hoping for good luck, and found it later in the mouth of a fish. 

        Someone got confused, though, and instead of a ring (in French, annel), what came out instead was a lamb (agnel). Apparently, neither the ring nor the lamb worked because the king was later hanged (background).

        #ThyCaptionBe is a celebration of modern interpretations of medieval aesthetics. You guess what the heck is going on, then we myth-bust.


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