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Dentist / Jan van der Bruggen
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Royal Cavities: The Bitter Implications of Sugar Consumption in Early Modern Europe

The sweet tooth of European royalty and its rotten consequences. More»

MLK Jr. mural at Illa Family Market, 50 Place and S. Vermont Ave., photographed 2004

Martin Luther King Jr. as Folk Art

Camilo José Vergara photographs tributes to the civil rights leader on walls across Los Angeles. More»

Matt Allard

“Make for Yourself First” — Tips from a Favorite Instagrammer on Art and Creativity

Writer and photographer Matt Allard on inspiration, writing, and success on social media. More»

Wall Clock / French
Partial gift of Dr. Horace W. Brock in memory of Philippe Kraemer

18th-Century Clock Reminds Us That Time Flies

A newly acquired masterpiece from the great age of clock-making. More»

The Parthenon / Edward Dodwell
The Packard Humanities Institute

What Does the Acropolis Mean? A Conversation with Thomas Gallant

The Athenian monument as structure and symbol. More»