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An Intimate View of Tokyo

Four photographers capture an intimate view of the most populous cities in the world: Tokyo. More»

Left: A Bust of a Pope-Saint, about 1310-1315, Pacino di Bonaguida.  Pot-metal and clear glass, black and brown vitreous paint, 35 13/16 x 26 3/8 in. Museo dell’Opera di Santa Croce, Fondo Edifici di Culto, Ministero dell’Interno, Florence. Center: Saint Francis in Antiphonary, about 1320, Pacino di Bonaguida.  Tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment, 20 ½ x 13 15/16in.  Archivio di Santa Croce, Florence, Corale Q, fol. 121v (Photo: Bryan C. Keene). Right: Chiarito Tabernacle (detail), 1340s, Pacino di Bonaguida. Gilded gesso and tempera on panel, 39 7/8 x 44 11/16 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 85.PB.311

Revisiting a Florentine Master

New research on Pacino di Bonaguida, a central figure in the rise of the Renaissance in Florence. More»

Photo: Frettie, CC By-SA 3.0

Summer Camp for Art Historians

Three summer institutes convene art historians to push digital art history forward. More»

Saint John's Vision of the Seven Candlesticks, 1917, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Getty Research Institute.

A Wartime Apocalypse, in Miniature

Tiny, feverish watercolors by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner express the anxious hopes of an entire generation of European artists. More»


3D Scanning Meets Ancient Art

Ancient art is the subject of a 3D scanning pilot at the Getty Museum. More»

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    SITI Company rehearses Persians

    Aeschylus’s Persian Queen: An Actor’s Craft

    Bringing alive an ancient queen. More»

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        Organic rolling hills and a big dreamy sky to complement a dazzling seascape by William A. Garnet. A flip through the book here.

        Now Reading: Landscape in Photographs
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        Where? Terrace by the Getty Research Institute

        #NowReading is a series with gettypubs that celebrates books, reading everywhere, and art. 


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