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Flavio da Silva / Gordon Parks
Purchased with funds provided by the Photographs Council. © The Gordon Parks Foundation

This Just In: Gordon Parks’s “Flavio” Photographs

Searing images of poverty in 1960s Brazil. More»

Prototype for the folio-and-transcription view of the Mellini manuscript

Prototyping a Digital Publication for Scholars

How do you design an entirely new breed of digital publication? Test, revise, test, revise… More»

Recipes for distilling peach, bitter orange, citron, and lemon flower waters / Walther Hermann Ryff

The Origins of Flavored Waters

Expensive flavored waters predate Whole Foods by centuries. More»

Happy Lovers / Fragonard

The Color that Changed the Course of Art

Prussian blue changed it all. More»

Detail of etching of sugar sculpture / Teyler after Lenardi

This Just In: A Sugar Sculpture in Technicolor

A fantastic episode from the history of edible propaganda. More»

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    #GettyInspired pomegranates / Sarah Ferone

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      • photo from Tumblr

        An intimate and dream-like study of a nude model with delicate curls. 

        The hatching, blue paper, and texture render a soft and almost ghostly figure which you can see in full here.


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