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3D Scanning Meets Ancient Art

Ancient art is the subject of a 3D scanning pilot at the Getty Museum. More»

Birth to death migration in Europe, according to the Getty’s Union List of Artist Names, cumulated over all time to CE 2012. Blue dots indicate the births of notable individuals; red dots indicate deaths. © Maximilian Schich, 2014

New Report Visualizes Cultural History through “Big Data”

Using science to map art history. More»

Saint Sophia Cathedral, anchor of Los Angeles's Greek Orthodox community and the Byzantine-Latino Quarter

Byzantine Los Angeles

A visit to the heart of L.A.’s Greek Orthodox community. More»

A boy is never too young to practice being a gentleman.
Initial T: The Apostles; Boys Playing a Game, about 1320-25, in Breviary. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig IX 2, fols. 356v–357.

A Better World through Chivalry

Chivalry gets a 21st-century, multi-generational spin through these artists’ workshops. More»


Fashion Off the 405

What are our visitors wearing to stay cool this summer? More»

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    SITI Company rehearses Persians

    Aeschylus’s Persian Queen: An Actor’s Craft

    Bringing alive an ancient queen. More»

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        September, the month to harvest grapes, isn’t just for the modern Virgo.

        Libras and Scorpios are in on the labors of plowing and sowing fun for the month. Since the Middle Ages the zodiac symbols have shifted with changes in the months of the calendar. 

        Zodiacal Sign of Virgo, about 1170s, Unknown. German, Hildesheim. J. Paul Getty Museum.
        Woman Harvesting Grapes; Zodiacal Sign of a Libra
        A Man Treading Grapes; Zodiacal Sign of Libra, early 1460s, Workshop of Willem Vrelant. J. Paul Getty Museum.
        Plowing and Sowing; Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio, 1510-1520, Workshop of Master of James IV of Scotland. J. Paul Getty Museum.


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