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Diorama of King Ludwig’s Canal, detail of etchings

This Just In: 19th-Century “Peep Show” Was the Forerunner of 3D Movies

Let us marvel at this low-tech wonder from the past. More»

Gilo #1 / Miki Kratsman
Courtesy of and © Miki Kratsman

Are We Living in a Barrier-Industrial Complex?

The art and politics of border walls. More»

A participant in 2014 MOSAIKON training workshop organized by the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) and supported by the Getty Foundation conserves a second-century Roman mosaic

Conserving Mosaics in the Middle East and North Africa, A MOSAIKON Trainer’s Account

A conversation with mosaics expert Roberto Nardi about conservation training. More»


How to Frame a Masterpiece

How a frame conservator plays matchmaker between frames and paintings. More»

Brilliant History of Color quiz

How Much Do You Know about Color?

Take this quiz to learn how much you *really* know about the rainbow. More»

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    Air / Aristide Maillol #MusePose challenge

    Strike a #MusePose!

    Get arty with your selfies in this new #MusePose Instagram challenge! More»

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