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A Swan among Reeds by Moonlight, September 18, 1852, Carl Gustav Carus, charcoal with white chalk heightening on brown paper. The J. Paul Getty Museum.

This Just In: The Romantic Zeitgeist

Three Romantic drawings are on view for the first time. More»

Attic Panathenaic Amphora, 490 -480 B.C., Greek. 25 9/16 inches by 15 7/8 inches. J. Paul Getty Museum.

Plato’s Academy Awards (or, What the Ancient Greeks Have to Do with the Oscars)

What do the ancient Greeks have to do with the Oscars? More»

The Trinity, Book of Planets, Anatomical Treatise, Liber synonimorum, shortly after 1464. German. J. Paul Getty Museum.

Misconceptions about the Middle Ages, Debunked through Art History

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets clubbed. More»

Press Start! Getty Game Jam / Edouard Manet's Spring

#GettyJam—The Museum as Game Space

USC students turn the Getty into a game lab this weekend. More»

Project participants discuss features of a Chinese Republican period painting at the National PalaceMuseum in Beijing. Painting: Chen Hengque (Chen Hengke, 1876-1923), Viewing Paintings, 1918. Hanging scroll, ink and colour on paper. 87.7 x 46.6 cm. Collection: Palace Museum, Beijing. Photo: Wu Fang

Studying Art History with an Ethnographic Eye

The Getty Foundation connects a new generation of scholars from across China. More»

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    #GettyJam Report—12 Museum Games Created in 30 Hours

    USC students pull al-nighters at the museum to create art games. More»

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