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We’ve asked members of the Getty community to share short, personal reflections on works of art they’re thinking about right now. These recordings feature stories related to our daily lives.

This week, educator Elmira Adamian wonders about a couple in an ancient fresco as she shelters at home with her family. To learn more about this work, visit:

Wall fresco showing black background with architectural detailing and a yellow central wall. In the middle of the panel is a small square painting of two figures: a seated man and a standing woman.

Wall Panel from a Black Ground Frescoed Room, 1–50 CE, Roman. Fresco, 97 1/4 × 51 3/16 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 70.AG.91. Digital image courtesy of Getty’s Open Content Program

Listen to the full series of short reflections here.

JAMES CUNO: Hi, I’m Jim Cuno, President of the J. Paul Getty trust. In a new podcast feature, we’re asking members of the Getty community to share short reflections on works of art to thinking about right now. We’ll be releasing new recordings every other Tuesday. I hope youR...

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