Renditions of Venus

Renditions of Venus


my name is: Ashley Grauman

i'm sharing: I'm sharing the preview piece from my new ongoing series IntraVenus. This series focuses on using photographs I have taken, and then overlaying different artist's renditions of the figure of Venus. This piece is a mixed-media collage. It is the outline of the figure of Venus from Titian's Venus of Urbino, which I then layered onto a photograph I took of the blue French bed on display at the Getty Center.

this was inspired by: The different types of art and architecture represented at the Getty really inspired this image. I was inspired by the bed in particular here because I wanted to match it with something equally as beautiful and elegant to sit on it, while still keeping the photograph of the bed intact and whole. Plus, the Venus of Urbino's pose seemed to fit perfectly within the frame of the bed, so it created a cohesive and flowing image.

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration is all around me. I am currently studying art, and I enjoy literature a lot, so I try to pull from what I am learning and then modify that into something creative. Inspiration is something that makes me think about another way to represent something I'm seeing. Inspiration is something that ignites me to share my unique perspective with the world.

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