Drowning in Irises

Drowning in Irises


my name is: Reagan Denius & Christopher Mohn. Our group is “Dance Spirit.”

i'm sharing: Our latest single off of our new EP on Rebellion, called "Drowning In Irises."

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this was inspired by: Van Gogh’s painting Irises, which hangs in the Getty Museum. We hold a deep appreciation for this painting and used his works to try to interpret the painting in the medium of techno music. His complex layering and use of color to convey emotions is something we really appreciate and love.

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration can be found almost anywhere and in everything. It can come in the form of people, places, nature, books, music, and art. Inspiration to us is the desires and intelligence in the subconscious making its way to the layered surface of thoughts and inspiring manifestation in our lives.

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