The Forces of Nature

The Forces of Nature


my name is: Edward Shaw, MD

i'm sharing: This photo was taken in the evening while I was waiting for a lecture to begin at the Getty Museum Auditorium.

this was inspired by: “It was a dark and stormy night…” and Zeus was about to show off. The forces of nature were all colliding in a show of light/darkness, wind, and awe-inspiring power. The clouds set off the cacti and the Ellsworth Kelly sculpture to dramatic effect. Even though I knew I could not capture the scene the way my eyes perceived it, I felt it was still worth a try.

to me, inspiration is: I am inspired by the physical presence of the Museum, and the entire staff of researchers, and educators. The combined knowledge and level of teaching is incomparable. It is therefore inspiring to try to share the beauty of art with the school children who visit us. Many have never been to a museum before nor have even been on a school trip. It is wonderful gift to be able to give them a small sampling of art. Hopefully, they will then be “inspired” to return again and again. A little snippet of information or insight might awaken an appreciation for creating something not seen before. Something unique.