The Ancient Garden

The Ancient Garden


my name is: Elisabeth Sillars

i'm sharing: A photo of ripening wheat stalks blowing in a summer breeze, taken in the Herb Garden at the Getty Villa, from a group of images made there in July which I'm calling Harvesting the Ancient Garden.

this was inspired by: I'm inspired by the lush beauty and tenacity of the varieties of plants celebrated in the Herb Garden, still vibrant and useful today after more than two thousand years of service to mankind. Not only the obvious fruits and veggies for food and drink, but think about grains for bread and beer, herbs and other plants to stimulate our physical senses, even papyrus as a source of writing material—and how, over the centuries, many have also been "harvested" for use in symbolism and other visual and graphic artistic creations.

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration is the result for me of being open, making myself available to new ideas, new thoughts, new people and places.