On the Other Side

On the Other Side


my name is: Elisabeth Sillars

i'm sharing: This image, looking through one of the architectural glass blocks at the Getty Center, somehow also reminds me of the Villa because of the patterns formed by whatever was behind the glass.

this was inspired by: I have been gathering a large number of images like this one in the last year or so, which have come to be grouped together under the heading "Through Glass, Darkly." The first time I tried to photograph using the glass blocks at the Getty Center, I thought the result would be reflections (a subject I have explored at the Getty for some time now); to my surprise, the distorted views I liked best depended on the reality of what was on the other side. Although I return to the Getty often and add to this group, I am also always on the lookout for new visions in glass blocks wherever I go, and plan to create a new series of studio constructs using glass block during this new year.

to me, inspiration is: everywhere, but I admit the visual stimuli at the Getty are particularly conducive to photographic creativity.