Make the Ineffable Concrete

Make the Ineffable Concrete


my name is: Jerry D. Mathes II

i'm sharing: I'm sharing photographs taken at the Kern River Oilfield.

this was inspired by: My first experience with Getty was when I'd visited The Villa on a business trip in the 90s. In 2012, I moved to the Bakersfield area for work, and my first trip to L.A. was to the Getty Center. The photography exhibits in the Getty at the time were "The Photographs of Ray K. Metzker and the Institute of Design" and "In Focus: Robert Mapplethorpe." I visited those exhibits several times and visit every new exhibit as many times as my daughters let me. I have always been an art lover and toyed with the idea of taking up photography, but after seeing Metzker and Mapplethorpe's photos, I resolved to become a "photographer." It is a coincidence that I drive to work on Getty Road, but one I often think about because how could Getty have foreseen that he would inspire a guy who works on a field, that made him rich and made possible the Center, to take photographs of that field. It is also a happy coincidence that the day I post is J.P. Getty's birthday. Inspired by happy coincidences.

to me, inspiration is: For me, I find inspiration from engaging the world with wonder and a need to express myself. About making connections between my inner-world to the outer world I live in. Inspiration comes from this need to express a vision, the need to speak out or show the world ranging from outrage at injustice, awe of the divine, to raise awareness about other ways of life, or just to present the world in a different way. The desire to make the ineffable concrete and provoke a positive or negative (hopefully not indifferent) response from others. What then this drive? This need to show the world? Maybe a little need to show off? A deep desire to make something that will outlive me? Inspiration springing out of some existential need? Does this underlie inspiration? A little bit of all of it, I believe. It feels ancient, like whatever inspired the cave painters at places like Lascaux still dwells in my beating heart, except I have a camera.

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