A Happy Accident

A Happy Accident


my name is: Moira

i'm sharing: a photograph I took, looking past the travertine walls of the Getty Center toward Palos Verdes. The hand in the photograph is my mother’s.

this was inspired by: an art-filled day, spent with my parents and sister. We enjoyed the "Spectacular Rubens" exhibition and took in the views of the Central Garden, the architecture, and the outdoor sculpture collection. We always have so much to talk about when we’re at the Getty Center, and that is what we were doing when I snapped this photo. My mom was talking and pointing—I didn’t notice that I captured her hand until I looked through the photos later that afternoon. It was a happy accident that her hand ended up in this picture, and it will always remind me of how the Getty inspires us to look, think, discuss, and enjoy good company.

to me, inspiration is: spontaneous. Sometimes it can just fall into your lap, like a happy accident.