For Contemplation


my name is: Tayen Kim

i'm sharing: My artwork.

this was inspired by: The many times when I visited the Getty Center, which happens to be a special and intimate place for me, as I spent my college years going there often for contemplation, and have viewed, in wide perspective, the city I love. I recently had a life change, and after moving back home to L.A. from a couple years in Korea, I revisited the moments in my mind when I looked out onto my town, from the cactus garden at the Center. So I began a personal series depicting some locations that are special to me, perhaps in order to record this time in my life. Or just because I felt like watercoloring. Who knows?

to me, inspiration is: Something as mundane as picking your nose and suddenly wanting to make a short film about a nosebleed that never ends, to as grand as listening to stories from your grandfather about Japanese imperialism in Korea and wanting to paint a series on genocide and oppression. Either way, it's essential in creation.

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