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Marquette 2

Journey to Marquette

A curator’s visit to see the French town that one of our precious manuscripts was made in. More»

Drama at dusk at the Getty Villa

Experiencing Outdoor Theater at the Getty Villa

A taste of the outdoor theater experience at the Getty Villa. More»

Belvedere Antinous - detail of head and torso / Tacca

A Bronze God for the Sun King

Travels of a bronze Hermes, from Florence to Paris to L.A. More»


What You Wrote About Your Deepest Fears

You shared, we listened. More»

Group photo from the Mojada reading at the Getty Villa

Getting to Know You

Playwright Luis Alfaro is remaking Euripides’ Medea for Los Angeles. More»

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    Hoefnagel-Inspired illumination showing a fly and a fuchsia

    Botanical Art Inspired by Renaissance Illuminations

    Botanical illuminations inspired by a rare Renaissance book. More»

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        “To paint human beings, and paint them well—that’s the really difficult thing,” — Gustave Courbet

        Courbet’s female nudes shocked critics. He depicted a modern woman in a style referencing classical poses.

        The inscription translated reads “Old man, here’s one to send Saint Beuve if he gives us a hard time!”, a reference to literary historian and critic Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve, known for his conservative opinions. 


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