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enriched bread / Corita Kent

An Artist Who Sees Holiness in Wonder Bread

“Her work was about joy and, she said, giving people an idea of what harmony might look like.” More»

Cheryl Tolentino

Multicultural Undergraduate Intern Diary: Cheryl Tolentino

Internship in three words: “Metadata meets art.” More»

Mario Ybarra, Jr., delivering a keynote at the Getty

The Six Steps in the Creative Process

An unconventional keynote. More»

Bust of a Flavian Woman / Roman

No Pain, No Rogaine: Hair Loss and Hairstyle in Ancient Rome

Hairy adventures of the ancient Romans. More»

Bird's-Eye View of the Castle of Versailles, Its Gardens and Surroundings, as Seen from the Orangerie / Antoine Coquart
Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Estampes et de la Photographie, Va-422-format 4. Photo credit: BnF

Six Meditations on Versailles

A 1712 print depicts the palace of Versailles as capital of politics and pleasure. More»

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    Interior and sculpture of a bodhisattva in Cave 275 / Cave Temples of Dunhuang
    © The Dunhuang Academy

    14 Fascinating Facts about the Cave Temples of Dunhuang

    A look at one of the cultural and artistic wonders of the world. More»

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