The following note was shared with the Getty community on April 20, 2021

Dear Getty Community,

The past weeks have been agonizing as we have watched in wrenching detail George Floyd’s death a year ago being replayed in the courtroom. Still more devastating are additional deaths—including Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright—at the hands of police during the course of the trial.

That racial injustice continues seemingly unabated is appalling. That our history of racism in this country is ongoing and that vulnerable people continue to bear the greatest burden, whether from violence or disease, is unacceptable. It is easy to feel like nothing has changed over the course of a very challenging, difficult year.

Within the Getty, we see those frustrations as well. Some Getty employees have shared accounts of injustice, past and present, within our own organization. And, rightfully, questions are being raised about whether things will change within Getty, too. We need to be mindful that racial biases are not just far away, they are here too, and we have much more to learn and much more to do to overcome them.

This is a painful time, waiting to know when change will come.

At the core of what we do at Getty, we try to enlighten, educate, share hard truths and knowledge about the past so that it can change the present, and change our future. We need to listen to the voices that are sharing their experiences and work to assure everyone is living and working in an environment of mutual respect.

We want to be certain staff know of the resources that are available for them at this time. Staff are always welcome to contact Health Advocate for any support they may need, either through their website or by calling 866-799-2728. We are also scheduling additional listening sessions with JONES, which will be announced shortly.

We are chastened and humbled by the continual reminders of systemic racism. To promote a civil society is the core of our mission; it is our responsibility to our employees, our community, our nation and world to stand firmly against racism. We remain deeply committed to this work.