The Victorious Athlete

Italian writer and poet Gabriele Tinti shares his poem about human strength and fragility inspired by the Getty bronze, Statue of a Victorious Youth.

Actor Robert Davi reads “The Victorious Athlete,” by Gabriele Tinti.

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The Victorious Athlete

where now
is your
garland of olive?
your rapid
where the judge
who placed
on your head
the precious wreath?
we are not even
given to know
who you are
your haughty yearning
is lost in the void
the contest is deserted
the shouts and the glory
far away
all is calm
icy silence
cold quiet
there where you are
all is vain
and all disappears
and you too
like us
will not be able
to save yourself
from that darkness
that abyss
where there is no more
past or future
where there will be no more
possible memory of man.

Recording and poem courtesy of and copyright Gabriele Tinti, used with permission.

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