Mysterious Love

Mysterious Love


my name is: Cayden Ottley

i'm sharing: The image I painted is of a moon lily growing out of a heart, with colors disguising a dark backdrop. It's an interpretive piece that means a lot. To me, my piece is an explanation of my biggest fear, and my hope. Love is a mysterious demonstration of Emotion, and in this instance, I hope for it to grow. But as the Beatles said so profoundly in their song Something: "I don't know. I don't know."

this was inspired by: This piece was inspired by a mural at the Getty center that asked the question "Whose fear? Whose hope?" Next to the mural there were tags that asked "what do you fear most?" And "what do you hope for?"

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration is the influence of anything that one finds spectacular. Inspiration causes them to be creative, and generate passion of their own To feel, or make something amazing.

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