Spring at the Getty

Spring at the Getty


my name is: Deborah Eley De Bono

i'm sharing: “Spring" is an abstract that embraces a mix of styles with the common theme of naturalism. Nature at the Getty Center is used as inspiration but in a less representational way. It is acrylic on canvas board 24" x 16.” The work was created in 2014.

this was inspired by: This painting, “Spring,” was inspired by the pollarded London planetrees before they bud. This grove of trees can be found outside the restaurant. I’ve added the layers of buildings, the 30 inch travertine blocks, and there is even a hint of the lavender pergola that, in a few weeks, will support the white wisteria. I’ve named it Spring as an homage to my favorite painting of the same name by Lawrence Alma Tadema.

to me, inspiration is: It’s easy to take inspiration from the Getty Center, sometimes it’s the bright blue sky against a travertine wall, sometimes it a masterpiece in the gallery. I’ve been a docent since 2000 and it’s difficult not to be motivated by the architecture or the gardens. To me, inspiration comes least expected from the corner of your eye. Something fleeting that sticks in your brain and is easy to remember when standing in front of a blank canvas.

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Website: www.deborahdebono.com