Garden as Art

Garden as Art


my name is: Dorothy

i'm sharing: a photograph that my daughter took of a canna leaf in my backyard garden. I’m not a painter or a sculptor but I am a gardener!

this was inspired by: the Central Garden at the Getty Center. I have always been fond of Robert Irwin’s art and I remember being thrilled when he was selected to create the Central Gardens at the Getty. I visit as often as I can so that I can see how much the Garden changes from season to season and year to year. Once I even bumped into Robert Irwin on the garden path—I had the chance to tell him how much I enjoyed what he had created and we spoke for a moment about the cannas that were planted nearby. Whenever I see the cannas in my own garden they remind me of that day in the Getty’s Central Garden! I’m particularly fond of the path that zig zags through the garden because you can see the plants up close and you get a sense of the variety of plants used as you walk through. And you can tell that plants have been placed with an artist’s attention to color and texture and light. How often do you get to walk through a work of art?

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration feels different every day. The Central Garden has a plaque that says, "Always changing, never twice the same." I enjoy a few hours of peace in my garden each morning and something always inspires me there. I just try to create something beautiful from what I find each day.