A Romantic Sky

A Romantic Sky


my name is: John Callender

i'm sharing: An image created with the planetarium program Stellarium. It shows a close conjunction between the moon and Jupiter that was visible in the evening sky above Dresden on January 6, 1832.

this was inspired by: Caspar David Friedrich's painting A Walk at Dusk, which shows what I believe may be the same conjunction. There were a number of close conjunctions in the sky above Dresden during the years when the painting is believed to have been made, but none of the others look like the painting. The conjunction visible on that evening, though, is an almost perfect match.

to me, inspiration is: The emotional connection I feel that tugs me deeper into a work, wanting to know more about its creation and its creator. I'd never heard of Friedrich before I visited the Getty and saw A Walk at Dusk, but the painting captivated me, and what I've learned since then about Friedrich and his work has enriched my life.

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