#GettyInspired video - Reina Hidalgo and Asiel Hardison

Be Free, Be Big

Reina Hidalgo and Asiel Hardison have been collaborating for 13 years—and dancing almost as long as they’ve been walking. Today they’re professional dancers, teachers, choreographers, and TV producers; Asiel is Lady Gaga’s dance captain, and you may have seen Reina on stage with Rihanna, Pink, or Missy Elliott.

They didn’t choose dance; it chose them. “I was always that one little kid dancing at parties and my mom was like, ‘we need to put her in something‘,” says Reina. Today their creative process “starts with the music inspiring an emotion from your body,” says Asiel. The space of the Getty enhances the process by inspiring them to “be free and big.”

Peek inside Reina and Asiel’s dance studio and take in the Getty air and landscape with them in this #GettyInspired video.

Connect with Reina Hidalgo

Twitter: @REINAHIDALGO521 | Instagram: @reinahidalgo521 | Website: www.reina-hidalgo.squarespace.com

Connect with Asiel Hardison

Twitter: @asielhardison | Instagram: @asielhardison

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