Animals Visit the Museum


my name is: STEPHEN LORBER

i'm sharing: A jaguar, flamingos, and a bear at the Getty Museum

this was inspired by: This series of images “Live Stock Visit the Museum” are meant to be amusing. They represent a juxtaposition of animals with serious art and art lovers. I leave it to the viewer to make whatever conclusions they wish. Much like human museum visitors, different animals have reactions to the art in unique ways. Geese always have a lot to say about everything. Cows generally appear bored and just stand around talking with each other. Alpacas are considered nasty and probably too standoffish to visit any museum. Horses follow the dominant mare around and think the way she does. Sheep are "sheepish" and struggle to form an opinion of their own. Bears can get bored and easily fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Flamingos will always be more interesting to look at than most art on museum walls.

to me, inspiration is: Whatever it is I have too much of it.

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