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I joined the Getty Research Institute in September 2009 as a postdoctoral fellow, working on the Pacific Standard Time research initiative. I moved to Los Angeles directly after finishing my PhD at the University of Essex, UK, and will be here until 2011. I'm relishing this opportunity to extend my research, which focuses on California artists and poets in the 1950s, and to contribute to all aspects of the project, including the exhibition, publications, and related events.

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The Getty Research Journal: Diverse, Collaborative, International

Cover of the Getty Research Journal, issue 3 (2011) featuring Brian O'Doherty's Tatlin Squared

The third issue of the Getty Research Journal has just been published. Each year, the Journal presents new research on the Getty’s broad holdings and highlights the diverse interests of our staff and scholars. The journal’s goal is to share… More»

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Avant-Garde Antics: The Art of Display in Postwar Los Angeles

Wallace Berman’s gallery in Larkspur. Photo by Charles Brittin. Research Library, The Getty Research Institute, 2005.M.11

How do you hold a “secret exhibition”? In 1957, Los Angeles artist George Herms did just that, setting up his assemblage sculptures among the foundation blocks of a row of demolished buildings in Hermosa Beach. The show wasn’t publicized, and… More»

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      Both of the girls in these photographs are the photographer herself. Otsuka worked with a digital retoucher to seamlessly insert contemporary self-portraits into old photographs from a family photo album. 

      She was born in Japan and moved to the UK at age 10, and these reflect the intersection of both of those identities.

      These photos become a portal to the past where she can talk with her younger self. She invites you the viewer to join her on this journey of self-discovery.

      Now on View in The Younger Generation: Contemporary Japanese Photography

      1976 and 2005, Kamakura, Japan, 2005, Otsuka Chino. Courtesy of the Wilson Centre for Photography. © Otsuka Chino

      1979 and 2006, Kitakamakura, Japan, 2006, Otsuka Chino. Courtesy of the Wilson Centre for Photography. © Otsuka Chino

      1982 and 2005, Paris, France, 2005, Otsuka Chino. Courtesy of the Wilson Centre for Photography. © Otsuka Chino

      1980 and 2009, Nagayama, Japan, 2009, Otsuka Chino. Courtesy of the Wilson Centre for Photography. © Otsuka Chino


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