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Comestibles—With a Side of Comedy—in Medieval and Renaissance Theater

The Arsehole delivers an ultimatum to The Man and his Senses
Photo courtesy of and © Sharon King

Gluttony, tall tales, and raunchy humor on the classical stage. More»

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Getty Staff Weighs In on Their New Year’s Resolutions

Posing with a painting at the Hammer Museum
More of this in 2016. Photo at the Hammer Museum courtesy of Amy Hood

Arty resolutions, from the practical to the preposterous. More»

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Comedian Kate Berlant Answers Our Questions about Inspiration

Kate Berlant

Fun with grotesque faces. More»

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The Naughtier Side of French Printmaking

Guillaume de Limoges / Girard Audran
Guillaume de Limoges, ca. 1693–95, Girard Audran. Etching and engraving, 49.8 x 33.1 cm. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Estampes et de la Photographie, Réserve Ed-66a-fol. Photo credit: BnF

The raunchy and the rustic in 17th-century prints. More»

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Casing This Museum Is Child’s Play

LEGO Museum break-in set

Just how secure is this LEGO® museum, anyway? More»

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Curator’s Talk on James Ensor Is a Gas


What you need to know about James Ensor, in 12 minutes. More»

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Getty Releases Art History Cologne

Getty releases art history signature scent

Art, coming soon to a perfume counter near you. More»

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Getty Voices: The Ancient Funny


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A Greek, a Roman, and a priest walk into a bar… More»

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Getty Center Closes, Art Takes the Weekend Off!

Getty Museum Pig

It’s a lot of pressure, day after day, holding the same pose. I’ve been standing up, staring at the underside of a ringing bell for years now. I love hanging out with my pal Saint Anthony, but how can I… More»

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Question of the Week: Does Art Have to Be Serious?

Self-Portrait, Yawning, Joseph Ducreux, before 1783. Oil on canvas, 45 x 35 in.

Nowadays, seeing a silly picture of a person is hardly unusual. Showing personality is a good thing. Social customs weren’t quite the same in 18th-century France, when Joseph Ducreux painted this self-portrait. An official court painter, he was known for refined… More»

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