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New Lessons by Art & Language Arts Alumni

October 7th, 2009

Congratulations to the Art & Language Arts teachers who authored the four new lessons we published on the Getty’s Web site. The lessons were written by teachers who completed the program in 2008. In these lessons, students create works of art and write compositions inspired by paintings, a photo-collage, and decorative arts objects.

The drawing of the desert landscape to the right was created by a student at Edison Elementary School.

Click on the links below to view the lessons:
• “In Depth: Pearblossom Highway,” Roberta Fong, Edison Elementary School, BUSD
• “Take a Trip on the Chandelier,” Soojin Kim, Alma Mijango, Liset Noriega, Ann Park, and Iris Verbera, Madison Elementary School, LAUSD
• “Decorating Objects…and Re-decorating,” Debbie Winstein and Jennifer Almer, Miller Elementary School, BUSD
• “And Then What Happened?” by Carla Buchanan, Edison Elementary, BUSD

If you try out any of these lessons in your classrooms, share how it turned out by leaving a comment on this blog. You could even post your own student artworks.

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