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Inspiration Drawn from Art, Nature, and Animals: Day 3 of the Seminar

July 27th, 2011 12 comments

During the third day of the Art & Language Arts seminar, teachers and Getty staff drew inspiration from drawings, decorative arts, and nature. And the results took the form of…animal sketches, decorative wall paper, dream beds, drawings of nature, poetry, imaginative narratives, descriptive writing, lively discussions, and more!

No matter what we did, we tried to tap into our playful, creative spirits. To learn how some classrooms are putting art and exploration at the center of learning, read
“The Garlanded Classroom” from The New York Times.

So the question still remains…if you want to provide more artistic opportunities for students, how do you carve out time for this in your busy school year? If you participated in today’s program, leave a comment with a time-saving tip or trick that will allow more time for meaningful art experiences.

Monsters & Grotesques, Sculptures & Portraits: An Inspiring Culminating Event

April 17th, 2011 Comments off

The Art & Language Arts teachers who participated in their Culminating Event yesterday demonstrated that 5th grade students can analyze an 18th-century portrait with astute insights, 1st graders can create adorable clay animal sculptures with detailed textures, and 2nd graders can identify grotesques in works of art. Congratulations to the teachers who completed an intensive year of professional development. We commend you for your dedication to your teaching practice!

Day 3 of the Seminar: Amazing Drawings, Decorative Beasts, and Dream Beds

July 28th, 2010 3 comments

We started the morning with delicious scones and a drawing by Michelangelo, continued the day with lively discussions about lesson planning and writing activities in the galleries, and rounded out the afternoon with hands-on activities inspired by drawings and decorative arts!