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Confused about the Process for a Field Trip to the Getty?

June 3rd, 2011 6 comments

If you’re confused about the process for requesting a Self-Guided Visit to the Getty Center, you’re not alone. If you are an alum of the Art & Language Arts program, then you are eligible to receive bus funding for a Self-Guided Visit if you attend the Alumni Event in August. Here are some frequently asked questions.

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Q: If I cannot attend the alumni event this year, can I complete a make-up assignment or attend another workshop in its place?
A: Unfortunately, at this point, we aren’t able to offer an independent assignment or make-up date.

Q: I am the only teacher from my school who is able to attend the alumni event this year. Will I be able to get funding for one bus?
A: In a word, possibly. The truth is we cannot subsidize one bus for each and every teacher who attends the Alumni Event. Among the alumni who attend the event, priority for bus funding will be given to teachers who:

  • submit their Self-Guided Visit request forms by September 15
  • share a bus with at least one other ALA alum who also attends the Alumni Event
  • were NOT able to bring their students to the Getty Center during the prior year

We will subsidize funding for all those who meet the above criteria first. If there is still funding available, an individual teacher could receive funding for one bus.

Q: I received  a poster that says I can request a visit starting on June 1. What should I do? 
You are welcome to request a field trip starting on June 1. The advantage to doing so rather than waiting until the Alumni Event is that you will have a greater chance of getting your first choice for the date you’d like to visit the Getty.

If you submit your online request form before the Alumni Event, please write in the comments section of that form that you plan on attending the Alumni Event. Note that you will not receive your confirmation letter until the day of the Alumni Event or shortly thereafter.

If you submit your request form before the Alumni Event and do not attend the event, your school will be responsible for paying for the bus.

Q: I’m ready to submit my request form for a Self-Guided Visit. Now what? 
Please read the following instructions carefully:

  • Fill out one School Visit Request Form for all ALA teachers who want to visit the Getty Center on the same date and time. Note that the total group of students per application should not exceed 120 students. The School Visit Request Form is available online.
  • When completing the online form, do not forget to click the checkbox next to the question “Art & Language Arts participant?”
  • In the comments section, write the names of any ALA alum who you will be sharing your bus(es) with you.
  • You may request a visit on ANY date, Tuesday through Friday, between October 1 and May 31; however, selected dates have been reserved specifically for ALA teachers to ensure enough slots are available this school year. If you haven’t already received this list of dates and times, email If you request one of these dates and times on the list, you will have a better chance of booking your preferred dates.
  • In order to maximize the benefit of the Getty’s bus funding program, please make every effort to fill each bus with at least 50 students. 

Q: How many students can fit on one bus? 
The Getty funds school buses solely through a company called Four Winds. Each school bus has 26 benches, so the bus can hold 52-70 individuals. This number varies depending on whether you will be bringing students in grades K-2. (Three lower-elementary students can usually fit on one bench.) 

Q: I’m considering requesting a Student Architecture and Garden Tour. What can I expect?
The Student Architecture and Garden (SAG) Tour, led by a docent, offers a great opportunity to learn about the Getty Center’s architecture and gardens. If you request a SAG tour, your time looking at art in the museum will be shorter as a result. SAG tours, available at 10:00 AM, occur prior to Self-Guided Visits starting at 10:45 AM.

Q: I attended the alumni event, and I submitted my request form for a Self-Guided Visit. What happens now?
After you submit your request form, our Visitor Services department will confirm the date and time of your Self-Guided Visit via a confirmation letter. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a separate letter containing instructions on how to book your bus. You will be responsible for booking your own bus through a company called Four Winds.