The Coy of the Villa


my name is: Catherine Ackers

i'm sharing: Getty Villa is a needlepoint based on photos I took at the Getty Villa. One photo is of the outside mosaic floor; the other is from one of the coy ponds.

this was inspired by: My sister and I make semi-annual visits to the Getty Villa. We always visit the current exhibits, the East Garden, and the Outer Peristyle Garden. The coy pond photo is from the East Garden. The mosaic floor was taken at the back end of the Outer Peristyle Garden.

to me, inspiration is: When I see certain objects or images that make me want to reproduce them as an art project. The projects are usually in the form of a painting, needlepoint, or watercolor. Originally (when I took the photos), I was going to do a watercolor. A watercolor seemed more suited for the delicate details of the coy. But in the end I thought the challenge of doing the coy in needlepoint would be worth it. I may still do that watercolor someday.