Homage to Mr. Sugimoto


my name is: Gene Schwartz

i'm sharing: A photo of seabirds, and photos of the Getty Center.

this was inspired by: The seabird photo is inspired by the animal photos I saw at the Getty Center in February of 2014, by Hiroshi Sugimoto. They were absolutely amazing and I couldn't imagine how he made them until I read that he was allowed to photograph the animal dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, setting up his cameras on tripods and providing his own lighting after the museum had closed.

I knew I could never pull this off, but last month while visiting the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, I took a single hand-held photo of the seabird diorama. After a lot of Photoshop and adding a picture of flying gulls that I took on the beach that day I was able to make my homage to Mr. Sugimoto.

I volunteer at the Getty Center and I love visiting it every time I'm there. I shoot there often and I've included shots I took there this year.

to me, inspiration is: . . . being driven to do something creative.