A Sense of Life

A Sense of Life


my name is: L. Anne Mainieri, Getty Volunteer

i'm sharing: A drawing I drew from one of the beautiful busts in the exquisite drawing room of the Getty Museum. I do not belong to Facebook Instagram Snapchat etc. Thank you

this was inspired by: I generally paint and draw from life as that is not only challenging but also a rewarding experience.. Most especially if my effort results in a decent portrait or painting. When it doesn't, and sadly that is more often the case, I see it as a good use of time and a valuable learning experience.However I also love to try to create a sense or feeling of life by drawing from a cold marble statue .

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration is one of the most wonderful things about life...directly behind love and life itself.. It excites ,it relaxes, it comforts ,andit has the amazing capacity to bring strangers together as friends