Make Each Frame Matter


my name is: Alex Barber

i'm sharing: A series of photos from a visit to the Getty Villa.

this was inspired by: Views and details I took in while walking the grounds of the Villa. When I go on trips, I take a DSLR (Canon 5D mkIII) and a film camera (Voigtlander Bessa R3A rangefinder). Using the latter forces me to slow down and think about what I shoot. I can fill a flash card with a 1000 photos, but a roll of film is only 24 or 36 exposures. So even if I have a few rolls with me for the day, I still try to make each frame matter. Waiting for the film to get processed after I return from a trip also means there is a little bit of patience to see how everything turned out.

to me, inspiration is: When I'm taking pictures, inspiration is anything from an ignored detail to a vista, either of which can fill the whole frame. Things that really catch my breath when shooting tend to be performance based – music, dance, and performance art. Without a camera, I can fully process the moment emotionally. But with a camera, I have to maintain some level of control to get a good shot, and hold on to that feeling for later. When I'm editing, I remember the music or motion and how it felt to hear and see it, and it all comes back.

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