Myths, Fairy Tales, and Folklore


my name is: Philip Carrera

i'm sharing: These images are part of a series that I painted and self-published in a book that I call The Art of Mischief: Illustrating the World's Most Notorious Troublemakers, Vol. 1. This self-initiated project celebrates the worlds of myths, fairy tales, and folklore.

this was inspired by: This past summer, I attended a wonderful workshop [at the Getty Villa] led by Dr. Shelby Brown, called "Classical Monsters, Hybrids, and Bizarre Beings." Around the same time, I was in the midst of changing my career, from 2D Animation to Illustration, but still had not determined a clear path for doing so. By sharing the stories illustrated on water jars, mosaics, reliefs, and temples, Dr. Brown's class inspired me to further study the history and value of storytelling. This provided me with the fuel I needed to create my own illustrations and book. And I hope to have more opportunities to apply my skills at a larger scale.

to me, inspiration is: To me, inspiration is a sensation, a spark, that prompts me to think more deeply about a subject. Inspiration can strike anywhere, but for me, it often involves people or animals. Whether I'm jogging through a park, taking a class, riding my bike at the beach, or waiting for the train, I can't help but notice the behavior of animals or hear people's conversations. Oftentimes, they make me smile. I treasure these moments.

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