We all remember the ‘90s: the jean jackets, the grunge, the adolescent heartthrobbing over John Stamos, and of course, the soundtrack to our lives: Lisa Loeb’s “Stay.”

Playing recently at our annual Garden Concerts for Kids, the singer and songwriter performed a culmination of “kids’” and “adult” songs that not only taught kids how to rhyme but also transported us back to the golden decade.

1. Who Runs the World? Girls

The Song: “The ‘90s”
The Mood: A coming-of-age story set in the ‘90s featuring a young country girl who finds herself in the city
The Art: Young, flirty, and single women who rule the world

We let our hair grow long
Got biker boots and wrote tough songs
So I’m the angel
She’s the demon

Breaking Out of Her Shell

Triumph of the Marine Venus / Ricci

Triumph of the Marine Venus (detail), about 1713, Sebastiano Ricci

Single Working Mom

Allegory of Magnanimity / Giordano

Allegory of Magnanimity (detail), about 1670, Luca Giordano

Accepting Gifts from Her Suitors

Venus at the Forge of Vulcan / Solimena

Venus at the Forge of Vulcan (detail), 1704, Francesco Solimena

2. Breaking Up: The Story of High School Angst

The Song: “Stay”
The Mood: I hate you, but don’t ever leave me
The Art: Women pleading with their flighty lovers

You said that I was naïve,
And I thought that I was strong.
I thought, “hey, I can leave, I can leave.”
But now I know that I was wrong, ‘cause I missed you

But I Thought We Had Something Special

Venus and Adonis / Titian

Venus and Adonis (detail), about 1555–60, Titian

Going Away for College

The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis / David

The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis (detail), 1818, Jacques-Louis David

When He Leaves in the Morning

3. Happily Never After

The Song: “No Fairy Tale”
The Mood: The rainy day when you sit in bed listening to Alanis Morissette
The Art: People going through the stages of grief after a break up

You tried, but you can’t bear the weight of the glitter and the glue.
So you lie down and ream of the kiss that would wake you.
And once upon a time can lead to a hapless ever after
And when the tears are real, so is the laughter.

Drinking Alone

The Alchemist / Bega

The Alchemist (detail), 1663, Cornelis Bega

Seeing Her With Someone Else

Portrait of a Bearded Man / Bassano

Portrait of a Bearded Man (detail), about 1550, Jacopo Bassano

When the Bartender Cuts You Off

The Banquest of Ahasuerus / de Gelder

The Banquet of Ahasuerus (detail), 1680s, Aert de Gelder