Screencap of the Getty Foundation's new grant database. Courtesy of the Getty Foundation

Screencap of the Getty Foundation’s new grant database

This year the Getty Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary and our commitment to the greater understanding and preservation of visual arts in Los Angeles and around the world. To kick off the anniversary we published an interactive map that highlights some of our past accomplishments and current initiatives on all seven continents, plus an A through Z sampler of grants on Facebook. We’re now pleased to announce the launch of our searchable Online Grant Database, which allows even more access to information about grants awarded since the Foundation’s inception in 1984. Developing the database has been like flipping through a high school yearbook and looking back fondly at old friends and major milestones.

The new database offers a number of ways to search for grant information, including a sliding timeline so that users can search for grants within a specific date range, a keyword search, and a sorting tool that searches by year, initiative, grantee, region, and country. Grant details include the name of the grantee, the name of the initiative, amount awarded, date of the award, location of the project, and a link to the initiative and project description on the Foundation’s website. The database also offers a running total number of grants, grantees, funds awarded, and reports of grants awarded by year.

With this online tool, potential grantees and the public at large can learn more about the work we do and the grants we award, as well as view how our grantmaking has developed over time. A search by initiative provides information about the Foundation’s current initiatives, including Keeping It Modern, Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative, Digital Art History, and Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA , among others, as well as past initiatives that have left a lasting impact.

The database is part of a larger effort by foundations across the United States to increase transparency and accessibility of their data. Glass Pockets, a service of the Foundation Center, has a mission to provide “the data, resources, examples, and action steps foundations need to understand the value of transparency, be more open in their own communications, and help shed more light on how private organizations are serving the public good.” The Foundation’s database is now available on Glass Pockets.

We’re pleased to introduce the Online Grant Database, and encourage you to explore our support for projects around the globe.