“People don’t understand why Trojan Women is such a great play, because they say nothing happens,” says director Anne Bogart, explaining why SITI Company chose to adapt the ancient drama for this year’s outdoor theater production at the Getty Villa. “In fact, a great deal happens.”

In this video, the discussion of the new adaptation continues with Bogart, playwright Jocelyn Clarke, and SITI Company cast members Ellen Lauren and Leon Ingulsrud. (See the first video here.) They discuss the continuing power of the play and their collaborative approach to reinventing it for contemporary audiences.

“It’s not quite your mother’s Euripides,” says Clarke, “but it is very Euripidean.”

Also, beginning at 2:53, Ellen Lauren explains the challenges of playing Hecuba, the queen of Troy, a “stubborn, vicious, funny” woman who embodies the end of an entire culture.