Paper Shredding of Museum / Iris Wang

Be Brave

my name is: Iris Liu Wang

i make: Experiments with art and fashion

i’m sharing: I made the black and white tearing above, as I was inspired by the word “museum.” Museums are custodians of the stories of many people, from many places, and to reflect that I ripped up paper and reconstructed a whole image from many pieces.

Art and experience are very connected for me. Even my artwork is about fusion and experiment. I’m always looking for new things and I’m always curious to see how I can change things in different ways.

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration for me is something that is emotional, risky, and fun. My work has always experimented with risk. If you’re looking for inspiration, my advice would be—be open-minded, think of something that seems impossible to do. And go find things that give you strong emotions. Don’t limit yourself. Be brave.

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