New Shapes, New Shadows

New Shapes, New Shadows


my name is: Frank Damon

i'm sharing: I took this photograph on the morning of May 13, 2015. I was struck by the angular geometric shapes and lines juxtaposed with the undulating clouds in the distance. I call it "Path."

this was inspired by: I am inspired every time I come to the Getty. I have been a docent trainee and docent for the past 1 ½ years at The Getty. I have taken photos each time I have been there. It is a transcendent place that is always inspiring me to look, to see, and to experience something anew. The majestic beauty of the Getty, its unique setting, its magnificent architecture, and its unparalleled works of art continuously surprise, enchant and inspire me. I am always looking for new lines, new shapes, new shadows and I am never disappointed. Every day and every hour there is more to see and experience. The Getty makes me feel more alive, more energized, more inspired to continually seek out new vistas to capture with my camera.

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration is when somebody or something resonates with me in such a way to make me want to learn, grow and get better at what I do. In the world of photography, I have been inspired by many creative photographers, teachers and just by the beauty around us. I am inspired when I read and learn about how people have achieved amazing accomplishments by ingenuity, inquisitiveness and sheer tenacity. I am inspired when I see a beautiful photograph, and think about how it was made. I am inspired when I read books, articles and blogs by knowledgeable people who make me want to learn. I am inspired by students who, sometimes against great odds, demonstrate that it is possible to achieve dreams. It is wonderful to feel inspired as it causes me to inquire, learn and grow and to seek new ways to pursue objectives and experience life.

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